Gulf of Mexico Moisture Invades SEUS Ahead of Cold Front

The SPoRT ADAS depicts the location of the cold front that may bring severe weather to the Tennessee Valley later tonight. This top image above shows the 1600 UTC (11:00 Central) SPoRT ADAS dew point temperature surface analysis in degrees Fahrenheit. Ahead of the cold front, dew point temperatures are in the upper 50s across Northern Alabama with values in excess of 64 across the Gulf Coast. Behind the cold front (over Kansas), dew point temperatures are in the teens. The SPoRT ADAS performs well in depicting this moisture gradient and leading edge of the precipitation as seen in the 1618 UTC (11:18 Central) base reflectivity (bottom image above; from the NWS). Here, the leading edge of the strongest precipitation is right along the moisture gradient depicted in the SPoRT ADAS.

2 thoughts on “Gulf of Mexico Moisture Invades SEUS Ahead of Cold Front

  1. I would like to say…Brad,I like the visualization here. I have two quick questions. First, with the data sets used to create the SPoRT ADAS, is one or another given more weight? Also, are there situations were the SPoRT ADAS is more effective than at other times?

  2. The SPoRT ADAS is a blend of surface observations (METAR, SAO, buoys, mesonet) and a 2-hr forecast from the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model. All of the observations are weighed based on their relative error characteristics as well as their proximity to any given analysis grid point.

    The SPoRT ADAS is most effective in regions where there are strong gradients over relatively short distances (e.g. fronts, elevated terrain) as its 2-km resolution can pick up even the smallest changes in temperature or moisture.

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