Reminder: Icing and Icing Height products from SPoRT and NESDIS

D-2d display of GOES Aviation products via NASA/SPoRT and NESDIS. The icing and estimated height are in the main panel.

Just in case you forgot the old rule of thumb goes something like this: Ice and aircraft – not good! However, some forecasters have looked for cirrus with ice crystals over top of a stratus layer to anticipate possible cloud seeding by the ice particles, and hence precipitation.  In any case, this image is just a reminder that SPoRT is providing some icing products to WFOs through a partnership with NESDIS.  The main panel has icing and its associated height derived from GOES data.

The four products being distributed via SPoRT are:

  1. Fog Depth
  2. Low Cloud Base
  3. Icing
  4. Icing + Height

If you have occaison to use the GOES icing products, please let SPoRT know via e-mail to Kevin Fuell or Geoffrey Stano.

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