WFO Corpus Christi SPoRT usage

WFO Corpus Christi would be interested in posting about fog events similar to emails that we generated last winter. During the warm season our usage would include Sea Surface Temperatures and any related thunderstorm or sea breeze products.  Currently, we do not get the LMA products.

We have set up a web link to store images but have yet to transition to the new web pages so posting to this site is restricted to certain PC’s.  In the near future,  any posts that we shared will have graphics provided by email. The SPoRT blog page has been shared with the staff and is posted in a new section on the SOO/training page under Blogs.

One thought on “WFO Corpus Christi SPoRT usage

  1. Great! We would welocme any and all feedback on the products. I will make sure you have permissions to post to the blog.

    Gary Jedlovec

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