MODIS/AMSR-E High-Resolution SST Composite – Part I

Many WFOs run the WRF EMS to provide forecast guidance specific to their local forecast region. The EMS software has recently been modified to have access to the high resolution MODIS composite SST product produced by SPoRT. Several offices have shown substantial forecast improvement using this high resolution SST data source. A new approach is being tested to produce and enhanced SST composite product for operational use. This new approach uses a more stable MODIS data stream, adds AMSR-E SSTs to the compositing process, and uses a latency-weighted averaging scheme to produce an improved SST composite data set for diagnostic studies, nowcasting, and as initial conditions for regional weather forecast models such as the WRF. The image below shows an example of the enhanced high resolution SST composite product. The enhanced product will replace the current operational product used in the WRF EMS in the near future.

2 thoughts on “MODIS/AMSR-E High-Resolution SST Composite – Part I

  1. Part II of the series on the enhanced MODIS/AMSR-E composite product on this blog will demonstrate improvement in the product via comparison to buoy observations in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Yes, the domain covered by the product will be much more extensive covering bother east and west coasts of the U.S. and larger inland bodies of water. Part III of the series will show the coverage area of the product.

    Check back for more information in Part II & III next week.

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