Blended TPW and SW Monsoon

For the past several months, a product that has received consistent use at the ABQ office has been the Blended TWP and percent of normal product.  We are in the middle on a somewhat lackluster monsoon season, and a typical monsoon pattern has been rare this summer.  The Blended TPW product is an excellent tool for depicting areas of deep moisture, moisture starved areas, and the gradient between them.  On August 13, 2009, we were gearing up for some potential heavy rain.  We had been tracking the deep moisture to our south for a couple of days.  On the August 14th image (not shown), increased moisture over both Arizona and New Mexico was evident, but a lack of Mexican data negatively affected the image.

Below are examples of a 4-panel used by several of our forecasters, with the Blended TPW, percent of normal loaded with a water vapor image and the GOES Sounder PW.   Images are for two recent consectutive mornings, 11 Aug and 12 Aug, around 12Z.  Note the evidence of high PWs south of Arizona in the first image, but a lack of information in the second image due to missing data from Mexico. Our understanding is that the missing Mexican data is due to problems with the U of A SUAMI net.

One thought on “Blended TPW and SW Monsoon

  1. Thanks for the post. It looks like you spent a lot of time on this. You are correct in the the GPS / SuomiNet water vapor measuremetns procide much of the land-based TPW content for the blended product. I see where GOES Sounder data was not much help becasue of cloud cover. What forecast guidance where you given by the NAM for this event?

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