SPoRT Visit to Albuquerque, NM WFO

Gary Jedlovec and Geoffrey Stano made a visit to the Albuquerque, NM WFO last week to discuss the office’s  use of  SPoRT forecast products.  The ABQ CWA is one of the largest in the country and covers the northern two-thirds of the state.  The limited number of surface observation sites and gaps in radar coverage over the region present forecast challenges not always encountered by other offices.  The staff of the ABQ WFO regularly use a number of SPoRT products including the MODIS and GOES Low Cloud and Fog products, the CIRA TPW product, and MODIS land surface temperatures.  They regularly provide feedback to the SPoRT liaison team on the erformance of the products.  They also desire help with minimum temperature forecasts, fire weather support, precipitation mapping and lightning monitoring.  SPoRT took this opportunity to provide additional training to ABQ staff members on the use of MODIS and total lightning observations for specific forecast problems.  SPoRT is working to make total lighting observations from the White Sands LMA available to the ABQ WFO to help with some of these observational and forecast issues.

SPoRT liaison and lightning expert Geoffrey Stano briefs the ABQ forcast staff on new forecast products during a recent visit to the Albuquerque forecast office.

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