Improved Timeliness and Yield of SPoRT ADAS Product

Based on feedback from the 2010 SPoRT/NWS Partnership Workshop, SPoRT has improved the timeliness and yield of the SPoRT ADAS product to improve its utility in the operational environment.  No changes have been made to the product itself (i.e. the same observations and background field are used); however, the analysis processing have been augmented with the changes outlined below.  Now, the SPoRT ADAS product will be available in partnering offices’ AWIPS systems at around 25 past each hour.  Increased timeliness will allow the operational forecasters to better use the product for initializing their gridded forecasts.  Increased yield will allow for greater utility for grid verification.

The timeliness is improved by implementation of the following:

  • 2-hr RUC background field is now obtained and processed prior to the analysis run time.
  • Analyses are sent directly to the SPoRT LDM server rather than being rerouted due to firewall issues.
  • New cluster head node is slightly more efficient in computation than the previous cluster head node.

The yield is improved by implementation of the following:

  • Dynamic preprocessing of observations and analysis files based on available data.
  • Bug fix in METAR preprocessing script that periodically miscounted cloud levels leading to analysis input error.

The image below is the first ADAS image–from 1500 UTC on 7 April 2010–to be sent using the new scripts.

First SPoRT ADAS Analysis distributed to WFOs using augmented scripts to improve timeliness and yield.

Each NWS WFO can provide additional enhancements to the product by pinpointing observations in the MADIS data sets that they know have a consistent bias.  The SPoRT ADAS has a dynamic blacklisting system by which observations that are questionable only during one part of the day  (e.g. a poorly placed mesonet site that is placed in a shady location that consistently reports lower temperatures) can be removed from the analysis.  Thus, forecasters should communicate their subjective assessments of observation data quality within their CWA to SPoRT for incorporation into the SPoRT ADAS objective analysis.

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