MODIS False Color Images and the April oil rig fire off Louisiana

Have included a 1km picture, False color, of the oil slick from the rig fire/sinking and subsequent oil slick. This better shot taken on Sunday, had some enhancement from favorable Sun angle to get a good reflection.  We passed it along to our EMs,  who are quite concerned with any of the slick hitting the beaches along the Alabama and western Florida panhandle due to tourist traffic to the beaches on the upswing.

Also of note is increased dirt and such from the rivers flowing into the bays..then the Gulf along the Al/MS/LA coastline.

Stephen Miller

Mobile AL

p.s. I see that the Sunday visible shot has made the national news…with CNN commenting on it this Tuesday morn.

EDIT: Have, with Kevin F’s assistance, redid and posted a color composite 1km shot of an oil slick from April 25, 2010, and a 500m Color Composite shot from April 26, 2010.

A 1km resolution Color Composite shot of an oil slick from a rig fire and sinking off the Louisiana coast.

A MODIS 500m Color Composite from April 26, 2010 of an oil slick from an oil rig fire and sinking.

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