MODIS 1km Tracks White Sands Dust Plume

Very windy and dry conditions developed across New Mexico on April 29, 2010.  The MODIS 1km visible satellite image captured at 2008Z on the 29th shows a thick white dust plume over northwest Otero County surging northeast toward Lincoln County.  The dust plume thins out as it continues to the northeast across northern Chaves and southeastern De Baca Counties.  Surface observations 60 miles northeast of White Sands at the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport reported visibilities below 3SM between 1835Z and 0115Z.  The visibility was as low as 3/4SM a few hours after a peak wind gust of 67 knots.   Surface observations more than 200 miles northeast of White Sands at Clovis, NM reported visibilities of 1 1/2SM at 2235Z with peak wind gusts of 50 knots.  The lower resolution operational visible satellite loop also depicts the White Sands dust plume surging northeast across New Mexico.

MODIS 1km Visible

MODIS 1km Visible April 29, 2010 2008Z

Operational Visible Satellite Loop

Operational Visible Satellite Loop April 29, 2010

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