Here is what 3 weeks without rain does to soil moisture

Much of Alabama has been hot and dry since 20 June, with little in the way of widespread rainfall.  This recent dry spell has substantially decreased the near-surface soil moisture, as depicted by the 1-km NASA Land Information System (LIS) output over the state.  The before and after images show the 0-10 cm soil moisture from 20 June and 8 July.  (Click on image twice to view full size.)  Numerous areas have seen the volumetric soil moisture (i.e. percent of soil volume occupied by water) decrease by about a factor of 2.  FYI, the LIS is being run in real-time at SPoRT to provide supplemental data to the NWS Birmingham, AL for their experimental convective initiation forecasts this summer.

BEFORE: 0-10 cm soil moisture on 20 June 2010

AFTER: 0-10 cm soil moisture on 8 July 2010

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