Importance of Blacklisting Stations in SPoRT ADAS

The SPoRT ADAS produces a high-resolution surface analysis of temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and winds and has been very beneficial to some of SPoRT partnering offices.  One of the advantages of the SPoRT ADAS system is it’s flexible, user-defined quality control whereby forecasters can identify questionable observations and request that they be removed from the analysis for one or all of the analysis variables.

Brian Carcione at the Huntsville WFO recently identified two stations in DeKalb County (denoted by “X”s in the figures) as having dew point reports that were consistently over 80F when dew points in the rest of their CWA did not exceed 72F.  The top figure shows the SPoRT ADAS dew point analysis when no blacklisting is applied.  For this analysis, the dew point over DeKalb County is over 80F and approaches 90F in some areas!  Not only does the analysis change in the area around the questionable observations, but the larger, unrealistic-looking dew points spread over much of northeastern Alabama (partially due to there being no other observations in that region).  When these two observations are blacklisted, the new quality-controlled dew point analysis produces more realistic-looking fields with similar range across most of northern Alabama (bottom figure).

SPoRT ADAS dew point analysis from 1700 UTC on 27 July 2010 for no blacklist (top) and with blacklisted stations (bottom)

This example highlights the need for forecasters to actively participate in the blacklisting process for the SPoRT ADAS.  If you know of a station in your CWA that is consistently producing unrealistic looking temperature, moisture, or wind observations, please contact SPoRT to have your stations added to the blacklist.  The process to add stations is simple and should take only a few minutes, so please send in as many of the observations from your region that you think should not be included.  Together, we can make this a great surface analysis!

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