New MODIS Hybrid Products

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our AWIPS focal point and the folks at NASA SPoRT we now have the MODIS hybrid products available at WFO ABQ.  Some interesting features have already been observed on water vapor.  The first image is water vapor valid at 1731 UTC 01/04/2011.  Note the high resolution mountain wave activity over southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.  The thin lines over northwest Mexico appear to be airplane contrails from flights out of the southwest U.S. into Mexico.

MODIS Hybrid Water Vapor valid 1731 UTC 01/04/2011. Click to enlarge image.

The storm track has been quite active recently over the southwest U.S. with 2 significant winter storms impacting New Mexico since Christmas.  The following imagery is an animated gif showing the progression between the MODIS hybrid visible satellite imagery and the MODIS 1km False Color.  Notice the snow covered areas in the visible fade to red in the false color.  Click the image to view the animation (may take a minute).

MODIS Hybrid Visible fade to 1km False Color. Click to view animation and enlarge image (may take a minute).

2 thoughts on “New MODIS Hybrid Products

  1. We too have noticed some fascinating things in the MODIS-enhanced hybrid imagery simply because it’s much more accessible. The mountain waves are great! I wonder what else we’ll see with the hybrid data?

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