Snow Event on February 10, 2011

Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee were once again treated to a taste of winter late this week, with snowfall occurring across the area.  Although not as significant as Huntsville’s seven-to-eight inch snowfall that occurred in early January, this event still put down a good 1-3″ of snow across a wide area.  However, the snow melted quickly once skies cleared on Thursday afternoon.  Here are three images of the event as captured by MODIS.  In the first two panels, the Terra and Aqua orbits depict snow cover (reds) across the area through multispectral techniques, discriminating between snow covered areas, open terrain (turquoise), and cloud cover (white).  In the last image, a true color image from MODIS shows that most of the snow cover in N. Alabama has dissipated, except for some isolated areas in the elevated terrain.

MODIS false color image of snow (red), cloud (white) and open terrain (turquoise) obtained during an early morning (~10:00 am) pass of the Terra satellite.

A similar false color image from MODIS aboard Aqua, taken later in the day (around 1:15 pm)

Aqua MODIS true color (photograph-like) image of snow cover, cloud, and terrain at the same time as the preceding false color image.

One thought on “Snow Event on February 10, 2011

  1. I showed this to our evening shift Thursday. It’s really effective at showing how quickly we melted our (minimal) snow cover, despite temperatures generally only in the mid 30s.

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