MODIS False Color Snow Cover after Record Warmth

After an extremely windy and dusty day with record breaking temperatures across New Mexico, a fast moving band of snowfall produced a quick 1 to 2 inches over our northeast plains.  Temperatures leading up to the snow cover event were in the upper 80s and lower 90s.  The first image shows a non-MODIS shot of the snow field from the MODIS-GOES hybrid imagery.  The second and third images are the MODIS 1km False Color before and after the snowfall. Unfortunately, the snow melted so quickly Monday morning that we were unable to capture another MODIS pass before the snow receded into the higher terrain.

Hybrid Visible

GOES-MODIS hybrid Visible valid 1415 UTC April 4, 2011

False Color 1955 UTC

MODIS 1km False Color valid 1955 UTC April 2, 2011

False Color 1800 UTC

MODIS 1km False Color valid 1800 UTC April 4, 2011

3 thoughts on “MODIS False Color Snow Cover after Record Warmth

  1. The idea of upper 80s/lower 90s to snow just boggles my mind…fascinating to this easterner! Great example of the utility of the false color imagery in light of that huge swing in conditions.

  2. You know it’s Spring on the High Plains. Maximum temperatures Sunday were 25 to 35 degrees cooler when readings struggled into the lower 50s despite the quick snow melt. Boundary layer humidity recoveries as a result of the increased soil moisture overnight allowed RH values to rise into the 40s, with a pattern nearly identical to the snow cover observed on the visible image from the previous morning. Cool stuff!

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