An Update on SPoRT’s Status

We wanted to update our partners on SPoRT’s situation as of Wednesday, May 4.

First and foremost, everyone associated with NASA SPoRT team–along with their families–is safe and sound after last Wednesday’s tornado outbreak in northern Alabama.  The long-track violent tornado that moved through the northern part of the Huntsville metro area came very close to some team members’ houses, but the damage has been relatively minor.

Huntsville, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the Marshall Space Flight Center all avoided a direct hit.  However, the tornadoes devastated the Tennessee Valley Authority’s high-voltage power transmission network, so the entire region lost power last Wednesday evening.  This impacted SPoRT and all of our servers.

As of Wednesday, May 4, power has been restored to our facility.  We will be slowly and carefully restarting our computer systems today and through the rest of the week.  Depending on how the data are produced, you may start to see SPoRT data return to your systems very soon.

Thanks for your patience during this very difficult and unprecedented time.  As power returns and things slowly return to normal, we will have some more insight on how NASA data helped predict, monitor, and recover from this incredible outbreak.

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