SPoRT Hybrid IR Imagery and NM Severe Convection

Dry and windy conditions have been the norm across New Mexico for the last several months.  We’ve used the MODIS GOES Hybrid mostly to track wildfires and blowing dust. Today, June 1, 2011, we finally were able to evaluate the hybrid product during a severe event.

The image below shows two images taken from the Hybrid loop comparing the GOES imagery and the MODIS hybrid 15 minutes later. The WarnGen polygon is included for reference. Note not only improved resolution of the cold tops (-77C) but also a better agreement with the location of the coldest tops and the warning based on radar data in the lower panel, or MODIS image.  Also note the cold tops near the Colorado border.  A warning was subsequently issued on that storm as well.

GOES/MODIS comparison of NM Convection

GOES MODIS Hybrid example taken from a loop during a severe thunderstorm warning. The warned storm produced golf ball sized hail.

One thought on “SPoRT Hybrid IR Imagery and NM Severe Convection

  1. We couldn’t have planned better back-to-back posts than the ones you and Kurt have written! Great example of the use of satellite during severe weather, and even better example with the hybrid. I’ll definitely have to share this with my colleagues at our WFO. Thanks!

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