AMSR-E Rain Rate for Tropical Storm Don

AMSR-E Rain Rate for TS Don

AMRS-E Rain Rate at 0800Z for Tropical Storm Don on 7/29/11

The AMSR-E instrument on the NASA Aqua satellite provides an instantaneous rain rate product.  Outside of radar range, Tropical Storm Don is seen by AMSR-E.  Note there is a large area of 1 in/hr rainfall occurring with maximum rates near 1.5 in/hr in a few pixels.  While this data is not available as quickly as radar data, it may provide valuable information in radar void areas of the Gulf of Mexico, the Southwest or in areas between radars where rainfall estimates may be less accurate.  In flash flooding situations, the AMSR-E data can be compared to radar estimates as little as 2 hours after the event (NASA/LANCE).  If large differences are seen, one may determine if further actions are warranted due to the affects of more or less rainfall on the flooding situation.

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