MODIS RGB Data Complements NOAA GOES Data Monitoring Irene

GOES Sounder Air Mass RGB Product - Aug 26, 2011 0701UTC

Air mass RGB products are used by scientists to highlight the differences between dry, tropical and cold air masses in order to study the evolution of hurricanes and other weather systems. This is accomplished by combining channel difference information to form red-green-blue composite imagery from both the Sounder on the NOAA GOES and the MODIS on the NASA Aqua satellite. Red colors correspond to changes in water vapor, green colors represent low ozone concentration indicative of tropical air masses, and blue colors indicate air mass temperature differences. This product is used by weather forecasters to track the origin of air parcels as they interact with tropical systems, helping them predict the track and intensity of the tropical systems. The MODIS image below provides enhanced detail over the GOES image above.  MODIS provides data with a spatial resolution similar to that of the Advanced Baseline Imagery (ABI) on the future GOES-R satellite.   See for more information.

MODIS Air Mass RGB Product on Aug 26, 2011 0657UTC

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