GOES-R Proving Ground Proxy Products Use to Monitor Irene at HPC

As part of the GOES-R Proving Ground activity, SPoRT has partnered with scientists at CIRA to disseminate a GOES-R proxy RGB Air Mass product replicating capabilities of the ABI on the GOES-R platform.  CIRA produces the product from GOES East and West Sounder data and provides it to SPoRT for reformatting and distribution to several National Centers for use in monitoring tropical weather systems.  The image below is one example of the product used in real-time at HPC (image courtesy of Michael Folmer) during the second landfall of Hurricane Irene.

This image is prior to the second landfall in Little Egg Harbor, NJ as a category 1 hurricane. At this point, the dry air is continuing to distort the circulation with all of the deep convective growth on the northeastern portion of the circulation. The synoptic-scale dry air has wrapped fully around the storm and is seen rotating around the eastern side of the cloud shield (red ellipse). This is when the storm has begun the process of becoming extratropical as there is a good mix of tropical (green coloring) and continental (red and blue coloring) airmasses rotating in and around Irene's core.

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