Low Cloud Season Returns

Back door cold fronts plunging into the eastern plains of New Mexico during September signal a return to fall and the beginning of low cloud and fog season. Much cooler stable air in place over far eastern NM on September 15th spread west to the east slopes of the central mountain chain overnight.  The images below depict NASA SPoRT transitioned low cloud base and fog products on the morning of September 16, 2011. Note from the observations how well the red areas in the low cloud product capture the one-quarter mile visibilities at KRTN, KLVS, KSAF, and KOEO.  The presence of fog detection on the fog product combined with red areas on the low cloud product increase confidence on dense fog.   Note the ASOS to the east of KOEO has no fog reported and indeed fog and low clouds are not detected on the GOES imagery.  This imagery combined with other satellite products increases forecaster situational awareness of hazardous aviation weather.

low cloud base

GOES Low Cloud Base Product valid 1230 UTC 9/16/2011

fog product

GOES Combined Fog Product valid 1200 UTC 9/16/2011

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