Collaborations with NRL to Provide Tropical Cyclone Products for NAWIPS

Over the past year, SPoRT has begun collaborations with the Naval Research Laboratory to investigate the possibility of implementing their various passive microwave and other tropical remote sensing products for use within NAWIPS and AWIPS systems.  An advantage of use in AWIPS and NAWIPS is that the satellite data are more easily georeferenced with other data sets available within these decision support systems.  Below is an example of SPoRT’s progress: displaying a passive microwave RGB false color composite derived from the 85H, 85V, and “PCT” ratio.  Although there are no active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic at the current time, SPoRT will attempt to develop these products in the off-season in preparation for the 2012 season.


An example of the Naval Research Laboratory's Tropical Cyclone product page depiction of a TRMM passive microwave RGB (upper left, inset) and corresponding product generated for and displayed in NAWIPS.

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