Using MODIS False Color for Verification

A winter storm system on Sunday January 8th produced light snow amounts across spotty portions of eastern NM.  The 1km MODIS false color imagery before and after the storm overlaid with the ABQ spotter readout helped forecasters narrow in on areas to verify snowfall amounts.  The green stars indicate locations of spotters. Red areas are snow cover and green areas snow free.

1km MODIS false color 01/07/12 2046UTC BEFORE

1km MODIS false color 01/09/12 1710UTC

2 thoughts on “Using MODIS False Color for Verification

  1. It’s interesting to see the location of observers. Many of them fall in the snow cover (red) areas, but there’s a large, bright red area of snow cover to the south of Watrous without observers. Does seeing this spatial extent play a role in monitoring creeks or rivers that are anticipated to receive the water as the snow cover melts?

    • In this case the snowfall was very light (less than 2″) and most of the melting was likely lost to sublimation. We certainly would expect to see some rises in stream gages if there had been more substantial snowfall.

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