Experimental SPoRT-WRF Forecasts Great Weather for SAC Arrival

Starting Tuesday, February 28, and running through March 1, SPoRT will be hosting its 6th Science Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting at the NSSTC in Huntsville, AL.

One of the topics to be shared with the SAC is the SPoRT-WRF, a real-time, experimental high-resolution model that combines SPoRT research projects (Land Information System, SPoRT SST composite, MODIS Greenness Vegetation Fraction, and assimilation of hyperspectral profiles from AIRS and IASI) into a single cohesive model to address the WFO and SPC forecast challenge of convection in numerical weather prediction.  Today’s 00Z initialization of the SPoRT-WRF shows clearing conditions over the Huntsville area and only isolated afternoon and evening showers over the Atlanta area (one location some SAC members may be flying through this afternoon/evening) with clearing after around noon local time.

1-km AGL Reflectivity from SPoRT-WRF Initialized at 00Z on 27 February 2012 (click image to animate loop)

SPoRT looks forward to a great meeting!

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