Follow-up to White Sands Example

Yesterday, WFO Albuquerque posted an example of the true color and false color (snow) RGB products useful for identifying dust blowing off of the White Sands, NM area.  The question was asked: would the RGB product tuned for dust show these features more distinctly?  The answer is yes: the dust product seems to provide some better contrast to separate the dust (bright pink) from other features.  Here is an example of the product as displayed in NAWIPS.  Note that the product display in AWIPS would be even more distinct, as AWIPS displays provide more colors in the final image.  The dust specific to White Sands still shows up as white to gray, while other lofted dust appears pink.  These color variations may be related to the height of the dust plume or other characteristics of the aerosols — types of image interpretation and feedback that will be helpful to evaluate the product and guide adjustments.

MODIS RGB "Dust" product image coinciding with the true color and false color snow product used by the Albuquerque WFO in analysis of their blowing dust event on February 28. Dust plumes (pink) are present in the Albuquerque CWA and other locations in Texas, Oklahaoma, and Kansas.

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