Snowpack and GreenUp Comparisons using MODIS

Snowpack across the Arkansas, Colorado, and Rio Grande Basin as of May 1, 2012 looks dismal for the entire area.  Compare this to May 1, 2011 when the northern two thirds of the area was 100 to 150 percent of normal.  While northern portions of New Mexico were below normal last year it is still much better than this year.  The 1km MODIS False Color illustrates the difference in snow pack very well, especially across western Colorado and Utah.

MODIS False Color April 27, 2011

MODIS False Color April 30, 2012

The green up across the Great Plains on the other hand however is better than last year.  The 1km MODIS color composite comparison between late April 2011 and late April 2012 shows considerably more green up.

MODIS Color Composite April 22, 2011

MODIS Color Composite April 27, 2012

One thought on “Snowpack and GreenUp Comparisons using MODIS

  1. Considering how bad last summer’s drought was in NM, this can’t be good news for this coming summer. Good post!

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