Passive Microwave Composites of Tropical Storm Bud

Following up from our previous post regarding Aletta, today’s pass of DMSP F-18 (1535 UTC) was nicely centered over Tropical Storm Bud, located southwest of Mexico in the eastern Pacific.  The 1500 UTC advisory suggests maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and northwest motion, with a northern turn expected.  It may progress to develop into a hurricane later today or tonight.  Below are current snapshots of RGB passive microwave composites provided to SPoRT via collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory, converted to use in GEMPAK and N-AWIPS.  The 89 GHz image (top) includes estimates of the observation time (1530-1535 UTC) and the satellite instrument (DMSP F-18).  These composites demonstrate how passive microwave data can help to identify structures of the tropical cyclone that might otherwise be obscured by thick cirrus overhead.  SPoRT plans to collaborate with NCEP groups to test and evaluate these products in N-AWIPS in support of our NRL collaboration, as these products have been very popular when provided by the NRL Tropical Cyclones web page.

91 GHz RGB composite image from DMSP F-18 SSMI/S sensor over Tropical Storm Bud at approximately 1530 UTC on May 23, 2012.

As in the image above but for the 37 GHz channels.

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