Followup on the New Mexico fire…

I made an RGB loop of the fire that is now nearing the largest in New Mexico history (if it hasn’t already surpassed it).  The loop below is comprised of SPoRT Nighttime Microphysics images taken between May 25th at 0918Z (0318 MDT) to May 29th at 0853Z (0253 MDT).  I only used the imagery that was available at nighttime as the daytime images weren’t useful, of course.  The fire is the dark pink area in SW New Mexico in southern Catron County, northwest of the KSVC ASOS.  Notice how the fire spreads and changes over time.  It looks as though a rather large hole has opened up in the middle, as (and I’m guessing here from the imagery) fuels have been expended.

SPoRT Nighttime Microphysics image of the large fire in southern Catron County in SW New Mexico. Click on the picture to bring up a loop of images spanning May 25th to May 29th (you may have to click twice).

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