From Famine to Feast…

Here in northern Alabama we have gone from very dry and severe drought conditions to a surplus of rain recently.  To see this, take a look at relative soil moisture changes over the last week.  The first image is the 0-10 cm relative soil moisture valid this morning at 4 am CDT.

Figure 1. LIS 0-10 cm relative soil moisture valid 4am CDT July 13 2012.

Now. take a look at values at the end of the oppressive heat wave that brought days of 100F+ temperatures to the area and little to no rainfall.  The graphic below depicts the same soil moisture conditions on the morning of July 5th.

Figure 2. LIS 0-10 cm relative soil moisture valid 4am CDT July 5th 2012.

Significant changes can even be observed in the 0-200 cm integrated-relative soil moisture.  The plot below shows changes over the one week period ending at 4 am CDT this morning.

Figure 3. LIS weekly difference of column integrated (0-200 cm) relative soil moisture ending 4 am CDT July 13 2012.

These plots will continue to be very useful when assessing soil moisture for input to the U.S. Drought Monitor next week.

One thought on “From Famine to Feast…

  1. Great post Kris. Its nice to see that region receiving some precipitation again. So far we have started out pretty good out here with the monsoon but the extended looks worrisome in terms of persistent widespread rainfall. Send some of that moisture our way.

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