UAHCI Northern NM July 25, 2012

The UAHCI algorithm performed exceptionally well on July 25, 2012 over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico.  This area is typically one of the first areas to see convective development prior to the noon hour during the monsoon season.  The visible satellite imagery already began showing signs of towering cumulus development as early as 1600UTC.  The UAHCI clearly followed quickly with SOS values between 60 and 70 by 1625UTC between Costilla and Vermejo Park.  Since this area does not have very good radar coverage the SOS values and the visible satellite imagery increased confidence on the development of convection.  The composite radar reflectivity indicated the first 35dBZ core at 1718UTC.  Note the strong SOS values between 70 and 80 at that time.  This impacted the operational forecast environment by increasing confidence to issue a nowcast for developing thunderstorms.  Lightning strikes occurred shortly after these images were capture near Ocate, NM.

Visible Satellite 1615UTC

Visible Satellite Imagery 1615UTC over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern NM.





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