Great Lakes Influences as seen by VIIRS

Relatively calm winds over the Great Lakes region allowed for a variety of lake-land interactions across the area on Saturday, July 28th, as evident in the VIIRS true color image below.  The surface analysis from HPC indicated high pressure over Iowa, settling in behind a cold front that was sinking southward across the eastern half of the United States.  Behind the front, light northerly winds appear to have moved lake-modified air downwind, possibly contributing to large swaths of cloud-free skies south of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron.   In addition, smaller lake-breeze boundaries are evident along the northern shore of Lake Superior and the eastern or western shores of Lake Michigan.  This true color composite from VIIRS also highlights the large urban expanse of Chicago in addition to smaller regional cities that appear as browner shades due to their relative lack of vegetation.  Some “haze” appears over the Great Lakes, but skies were likely clear.  The slight discoloration is the result of mild sun glint off of the water in addition to Rayleigh scattering effects that are not yet corrected for in this RGB true color image.

True color image from VIIRS displayed in Google Earth. Imagery acquired at approximately 1815 UTC on July 28, 2012.

Surface analysis from NOAA/NWS/Hydrometeorological Prediction Center valid at 18 UTC on July 28, 2012.

METAR surface observations provided by the RAP Weather website at approximately the same time as the VIIRS satellite observations.

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