I just posted this entry on our new blog and thought subscribers to the SPoRT blog would find it interesting. Enjoy!

Satellite Liaison Blog

Early this morning, Michael Brennan (NHC – Senior Hurricane Specialist) noticed some interesting features in the SEVIRI (Meteosat-9) RGB Air Mass imagery surrounding and interacting with Tropical Storm Nadine in the far eastern Atlantic. The NHC (both the Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU) and the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB)) are currently in the midst of the NHC Proving Ground Activities and therefore they are in the process of evaluating the applicability the RGB Air Mass product in operations. Here is an excerpt with an example image below:

“The evolution of the RGB airmass product around Nadine has been quite interesting over the past 6-12 hours. Just before 00Z 9/21 Nadine looked more like a ‘typical’ TC with the airmass imagery showing a moist envelope of air in the vicinity of the TC itself. However, by this morning the upper-level PV anomaly to the northeast of Nadine appears to have…

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