Night-time Microphysics RGB from VIIRS – Where is the fog?

The SPoRT program is providing the Night-time Microphysics RGB product from VIIRS and MODIS using the EUMETSAT receipe of channels/differences.  A unique webpage has been created for part of the southeast U.S. to allow products related to fog and low clouds to exist in one place regardless of instrument source:

SPoRT Real-time Data Fog and Low Cloud

Here is an example from a VIIRS pass this morning.  Can you see areas of fog without looking at a surface obs plot first?  Can you differentiate fog from low clouds?

Post comments with your guess of where the fog actually is and check back for the answer in a future post.

VIIRS Night-time Microphysics RGB

VIIRS Night-time Microphysics RGB derived from multiple VIIRS channels. Resolution is 1km. This image is at the native resolution if you click on it to see the original size. Image on the post has been made to fit the page. This is from the early morning of October 24, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Night-time Microphysics RGB from VIIRS – Where is the fog?

  1. So I havent cheated and looked up the correct answer, so here is my observation – looks like scatters fog along SC/GA coastal area and western KY

  2. My guess would be widespread OVC stratus and fog across the southeastern half of SC and the southeastern third of GA, with scattered stratus and mist extending down into northeast and north central FL. I’m thinking the returns across KY/VA/TN are associated with clouds with bases AOA 3KFT.

  3. Looks to me like the fog is in the Atlantic Coastal Plain from southern North Carolina through South Carolina into SE Georgia.

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