VIIRS Images of Sandy (10/27)

SPoRT obtains much of its real time satellite data from its collaborative data partners – in the case of near real time VIIRS data it is the Space Science And Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin. SPoRT takes the level 1 data and processes it to produce higher level products for its colaborative partners. SPoRT is producing a number of derived products from VIIRS to monitor Hurricane Sandy. The NIGHT-TIME images below are from October 27th @ 0642 UTC. The first is a reflectance/emision product derived from the low light sensor (Day Night Band, DNB) which sources of emitted light such as cities and refelcted moonlight from clouds and surface features. The cloud structure associated with Hurricane Sandy is clearly seen in this nightime image. The second image is nighttime microphysics product which is a multichannel RGB composite image generated from several of the VIIRS bands. The product is used to differentiate clouds from low level fog. Additional explanation of these products is available in the Quick Guides on the SPoRT training page –

VIIRS Nighttime Reflectance / Emission Product for October 27, 2012 @0642UTC.

VIIRS Nighttime Microphysics Product for October 27, 2012 @0642UTC.

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