I wrote this entry on the GOES-R/JPSS National Centers blog the other day and thought the SPoRT fans out there would find it interesting.

Satellite Liaison Blog

As I’m sure many of you are aware, a meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere early this morning in southern Russia which has led to ~1000 injuries and widespread window and building damage due to the shockwave. This shockwave was caused by the meteor exploding upon entering the Earth’s lower atmosphere due to intense friction and the high velocity of the meteor. A couple of the RGB products that we use in the GOES-R Proving Ground captured this event near the northeast limb of the Meteosat-10 satellite.

The SEVIRI RGB Air Mass product captured the meteor explosion in the 0315 UTC image (highlighted with the white circle). Notice the streak over southern Russia as a whitish line. This color is usually seen when there is arctic air, for instance over Greenland. This would suggest that as hot as the explosion was, the smoke and any condensed moisture was very cold at a…

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