Fairfield Fire (Lander Wyoming)

This fire was discovered southwest of Lander WY around 11am on Monday (07/22/13) in the Wind River Mountains. This fire was not visible on the Radiance or Reflectance Bands, because the imagery was cutoff north of this location overnight. The only band where this fire was displayed clearly was on the 1km 3.9um. This band was able to penetrate through some of the high clouds that were obscuring the lower resolution 3.9um band on AWIPS. This high resolution band can be very helpful to forecasters to look for hot spots since it can penetrate through the high cloud cover. The other SPoRT DNB products were not able to display this fire due to the cloud cover. I have attached a couple of images comparing the low res 3.9um and 1km 3.9um.



One thought on “Fairfield Fire (Lander Wyoming)

  1. WFO Cheyenne, thanks for the feedback. You made an interesting point about how the higher resolution has the advantage of being able to have some observations that would otherwise be obscured. Hopefully in the next few days, we will get some favorable conditions with the VIIRS day-night band, particularly the reflectance.

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