A National Center Perspective of the pseudo-GLM product

Last year, SPoRT had the opportunity to expand collaborations with the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) through a GOES-R Visiting Scientist Proposal.  The effort was focused total lightning activities with the National Centers, who have different operational perspectives from a local forecast office.  In addition to providing training on total lightning, SPoRT learned a great deal about the day-to-day operations at each of these locations.  SPoRT works to put products into the end user’s decision support system.  At the National Centers, this is N-AWIPS, which presented an interesting challenge for the GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) demonstration data set, the pseudo-GLM.  Unlike a local forecast office, the National Centers needed to be able to see each network at the same time and this need resulted in the PGLM mosaic.  First transitioned in June 2012, the PGLM mosaic has been evaluated informally at AWC and SPC.

Next week, the PGLM will be a participant with the AWC’s Summer Experiment in support of the GOES-R Proving Ground.  In preparation, SPoRT has coordinated with the AWC and SPC GOES-R Satellite Champions to update the display with improved color curves, lightning mapping array range rings, and network status bars as well as producing a training module on the PGLM that is more geared towards the National Centers.  Below is a screen capture of the newest display in N-AWIPS.  SPoRT is currently coordinating with the GOES-R Satellite Champion to transition this product to the Weather Prediction Center / Ocean Prediction Center.  Lastly, generating the mosaic is possible through collaborations that provide the real-time data to SPoRT from several organizations.  There are currently seven collaborating networks.  These are the Colorado Lightning Mapping Array (Colorado State / New Mexico Tech), Houston Lightning Mapping Array (Texas A&M / New Mexico Tech), Langmuir Laboratory Lightning Mapping Array (New Mexico Tech), North Alabama Lightning Mapping Array (NASA), Oklahoma Lightning Mapping Array (University of Oklahoma), Washington D.C. Lightning Mapping Array (NASA), and West Texas Lightning Mapping Array (Texas Tech University).


A screen capture of the pseudo-GLM mosaic product in N-AWIPS for use at the National Centers with the newest color curves, range rings, and network status bars.

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