Boise lightning fires on MODIS/VIIRS imagery


Multiple fire starts occurred in southern Idaho between Boise and Sun Valley from lightning that moved through the area on August 8th and early morning on August 9th.

The August 9th 0904UTC Day-Night Band Radiance RGB product showed the “glow” from the new fires but this was somewhat hard to distinguish from the light sources of nearby population centers, including Boise and Mountain Home to the west and southwest.


The fires were more difficult to distinguish from city lights on the non RGB Day-Night Band Radiance products unless one was familiar with the area.


A bit closer zoomed in here, the 3.9 micron IR imagery from MODIS/VIIRS clearly showed the areas of intense heat at 1km resolution with significantly more detail than would have been available on 4km GOES imagery.


The Night-time Microphysics RGB product was also of some use in distinguishing between cloud, lights and fire signatures with…

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