RGB Imagery to Monitor Snow Melt


MODIS Snow-Cloud RGB from 1831 UTC, 5 October 2013

The early season snow storm across the Front Range had both large amounts and a large area of snow coverage.  With the sub-surface temperatures still relatively warm at this point and an early fall sun angle, the MODIS and VIIRS Snow-Cloud RGB imagery provides a 1km resolution look at the snow cover and subsequent melt from image to image.  The series of 4 images here spans the afternoon from 1830-200 UTC and changes in the snow cover can be seen even with just an hour or two different between images. While the view here is a large domain (via SPoRT website), users receiving data from SPoRT can use their AWIPS/D2d systems to view a more mesoscale region.  Even at this wide view the increase in bare ground (more aqua coloring) in southeast WY is apparent.  And, parts of the snow cover (red coloring) in western WY and northwest CO could also be seen decreasing.  Even southern MT shows changes in snow cover.  Compare the 1831 UTC MODIS image and the 2102 VIIRS image to more easily see the overall change. Monitoring of the snow cover change has been applied to potential flood forecasts, given the depth of snow is relatively known.



VIIRS Snow-Cloud RGB from 1918 UTC, 5 October 2013


MODIS Snow-Cloud RGB from 2013 UTC, 5 October 2013


VIIRS Snow-Cloud RGB from 2102 UTC, 5 October 2013

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