Shallow Cold Front Weaves through Terrain

During the late night hours of November 11th through early morning hours of November 12, 2013, a strong cold front raced through the eastern plains of New Mexico. The front was shallow, and therefore ran into some obstacles – namely higher terrain areas. Frequent updates of the MODIS-VIIRS Nighttime Microphysics RGB imagery helped NWS Albuquerque resolve with high precision, the obstacles that the low clouds behind the front developed around.  The following set of images were looped in a Graphicast on the NWS Albuquerque webpage.


Satellite Image taken at 0417z (917pm MST)


Satellite Image taken at 0742z (1242am MST)


Satellite Image taken at 0829z (129am MST)


Satellite Image taken at 0923z (223am MST)

Cloud heights generally ranged from 200 ft to 1500 ft.  Additionally, areas of fog, freezing fog, drizzle, and light rain were also noted during the overnight hours.

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