Nighttime VIIRS imagery with full moon


On the evening of November 16th, a Canadian cold front pressed through north-central Montana and generated light snowfall over portions of the area. Heavier snow fell in the higher terrain along the Continental Divide and ranges of southwest Montana. Skies began to clear in the early morning hours of Nov. 17th. Temperatures dropped into the single digits over western portions of the central plains, including Great Falls where the minimum temperature reached 2 °F.  As this was the night before the full moon, let’s have a look at some interesting features in the Suomi NPP VIIRS satellite imagery. Readers may click on each of the images below for a bigger, better view.

The Day Night Band (DNB) Radiance image depicts emitted light from ground sources such as lights and fires, and moonlight reflected from clouds, snow, fog, or any other high-albedo surface. The DNB image appears much like a conventional…

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