New Mexico Winter Storm RGB Highlights

A strong winter storm system that impacted NM over the weekend delivered the first round of significant widespread snowfall for the 2013-2014 winter season.  Major impacts to travel were reported across much of the area along with record to near record cold temperatures.  The VIIRS DNB Reflectance imagery after the storm showed several interesting features over the area.  Crisp city lights over central and eastern NM on top of areas of light yellowish reflectance values contrast the more blurred city lights over western NM with the same light yellowish reflectance.  The VIIRS Nighttime Microphysics from the same time provides much better insight into what is happening over the region.  Thick low clouds are detailed very well over western NM while central and eastern NM remain clear.


The MODIS Snow Cloud RGB product dives even deeper into the story.  Much of central and eastern NM are snow covered and several well defined snow bands can be seen.  There are even some low clouds still hanging tough over northwest NM.  The composite radar reflectivity from the 24th shows how these snow bands set up over the area.  Minor impacts to aviation occurred over western NM as MVFR conditions impacted Farmington and Gallup with 12 to 24 hours of broken ceilings.


One thought on “New Mexico Winter Storm RGB Highlights

  1. Great analysis and synthesis of SPoRT data products. If would be interesting to here how this was used in the decision making / forecast process (or just post event diagnostic analysis)?
    You guys are clearly on the leading edge of demonstrating the applications of this data to the operational weather community. Keep up the great work!

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