MODIS 1km IR Surface Temps and Cold Pockets

Great post from the Great Falls, Montana office about the use of higher resolution VIIRS imagery to detect temperature differences across variable topography/terrain.



Here’s a regional scale view of the 1km IR39 image taken by the MODIS instrument at 1033z (333 am MST) last night with little or no cloud-cover and a cold airmass over much of the interior western US. Coldest temps are of course over MT and Alberta, mostly east of the Continental Divide. The most interesting part to me is the level of detail that can be seen in surface temperatures at 1km versus the 4km product available with GOES IR imagery. Here is a closer look at some parts of our forecast area. I labeled a few of the well known and some of the not so well known cold/warm pockets.  There are a lot of other interesting terrain features and cold pools that are not labeled.




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