SFR product performance during snow across WFO RLX’s forecast area.


I have attached a screen capture of the SFR product from 1024 UTC on 1/21/14.  The label on the image is wrong.  It states the units of the product are in/hr.  But they are actually mm/hr.

During this time, we were having widespread light to moderate snow as an upper level disturbance moved across our forecast area.  Reports around 2 inches of snow were common around the time of the product.   We had received reports of snow coming down around an inch per hour.  The maximum SFR detected in the product was 1.6 mm/hr…or 0.06 in/hr.  Using a ratio of 15:1 yields a maximum snowfall rate around 0.9 inches per hour.

While we had several surface observations from which we could estimate precipitation rates, our WSR-88D was not operating correctly.  The legacy precipitation were okay.  But the Dual Pol precipitation products were not totally reliable due to equipment issues.  So the additional information from the SFR product should have helped estimate the precipitation rates.


2 thoughts on “SFR product performance during snow across WFO RLX’s forecast area.

  1. Thanks for the blog post, Jeffrey! This is a great assessment of the SFR product comparing to reports. With an observation of about 1″ per hour, and the SFR product showing 0.9″ per hour, it looks like the SFR product is doing a pretty good job of approximating the rates.

  2. Great post Jeff. It is interesting that your numeric scale is different than ours here at WFO ABQ but our color bar looks the same. The yellow colors at 2 are 0.08 here, which converts accurately to millimeters. I remember during the install there was some discussion about the units, so perhaps your AWIPS focal point can adjust the (in/hr) in the product name (or vice versa). Send some snow out our way please!

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