Winter Weather Advisory on Feb 26 2013


A weather system moved across the area during the overnight hours into the morning hours on Feb 26 2013. As a result…a band of snow developed and moved southeast. As of 8 AM…most locations were reporting 1.5 to 2.5 inches…with some higher anmounts.

I have attached two images from approximately the same time. The first image shows a radar mosaic from 1024 UTC for West Virginia and surrounding areas while the second image is an SFR image from 1022 UTC. The radar mosaic shows the heaviest snow across eastern Kentucky into the southern counties of West Virginia. The SFR image shows the best signal for snow across northern portions of West Virginia. Surface observations generally showed the heavier snowfall…based on visibility…was falling from eastern Kentucky across southern West Virginia into the northeastern West Virginia counties.

Each dataset had it’s strengths and weaknesses. However, using a combination of all three datasets was the best method to show the overall coverage of the heavier snow.

One thought on “Winter Weather Advisory on Feb 26 2013

  1. Jeff, thanks for your posts! I like the idea that a combination of the products would result in the most reliable assessment of the weather situation.

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