A Tropical Cyclone Named Hellen

A fantastic post by Satellite Liaison Michael Folmer about the use of SPoRT and CIRA RGB products for examining the very rapid development of Tropical Cyclone Hellen in the Indian Ocean

Satellite Liaison Blog

First of all, welcome to the brand new “Satellite Liaison Blog”!  After some consideration, the other satellite liaisons and I decided to revamp this blog to fit the Proving Ground activities at all of the National Weather Service National Centers and Field Offices.  We hope to keep you informed and spur excitement about new satellite products as we move closer to the launch of GOES-R and JPSS-1.  Please bookmark the site (satelliteliaisonblog.wordpress.com) for future reference, although you will be forwarded here from the old site name for a year.

Now on to this week’s storm of interest. . .

Tropical Cyclone Hellen formed in the northwest Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar on 03/28/14.  Hellen rapidly intensified from a 60 kt (70 mph) tropical storm to a 130 kt (150 mph) Category-4 tropical cyclone in 18 hours (satellite-based)!  Since the Atlantic hasn’t shown us a strong hurricane (Category 3+, but…

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