RAH’s Use of NASA SPoRT LIS Relative Soil Moisture Product During the 1-5 October 2015 Carolina Rain Event

A great post by the Raleigh, NC NWS office on the use of SPoRT LIS soil moisture data…


fig1.72hrqpf_2015100100atl WPC 3-day QPF forecast valid 00 UTC 01 October through 00 UTC 04 October, 2015.

In late September, a slow moving upper-level low pressure system was forecast to drop into the Southeast and migrate across the eastern Gulf States. In addition, Hurricane Joaquin was over the Bahamas and was, for a time, forecast to lift north along the Atlantic seaboard with heavy rain likely impacting the eastern Carolinas. The QPF forecast evolved from focusing near Joaquin’s forecast track near the coast to further inland as it became clearer that the upper-level  low and not the hurricane would be the driving force behind the precipitation.  At one point, the forecast for most of North Carolina, including almost all of WFO Raleigh’s (RAH) area, was for rainfall to exceed 6 inches (right).

Even through central NC had been slowly edging back into more severe drought conditions and streamflows were quite low, a…

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