Quick Post – Fog and Low Stratus

So, the opportunity arose last evening to use the GOES-R Fog and Low Stratus Product (GOES-R FLS, produced by NOAA/NESDIS and UW-CIMSS) since I had aviation forecast duties.  Shortly after coming on shift, it was noticed that Marginal Visual Flight Rules (MVFR) conditions were forecast for the short-term at the KHSV Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) site in north central Alabama.  However, MVFR cloud bases were not occurring and had not quite developed as expected.  A look at the Fog and Low Stratus indicated that the low cloud bases were likely diminishing in coverage to the southwest of the KHSV TAF site (north central Alabama).  Other satellite, ground observation, and model data also suggested that this trend was likely to continue…at least for the next several hours.  I did like the fact that the GOES-R FLS product allowed for a relatively quick and effective assessment of the upstream conditions.  I was able to do a quick update to the TAF for the Huntsville airport partly due to the data/imagery made available by the FLS product.


Loop of GOES-R Fog and Low Stratus Product (MVFR Probability) from 19-2030 UTC 10 December 2015. The scale is located at the top left.  Notice that probabilities of MVFR conditions are generally low in northern Alabama and can be seen to decrease in coverage in upstream areas to the S-SW.  Ceiling/Vis surface observations are included in green. The observations from the Huntsville, AL airport (KHSV) can be seen in far north-central AL.



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